Unexpected Bedfellows

Session 0: A figure in the dark

Our story begins in the city of Waterdeep, on the back of a horse as a weary and ragged hooded figure winding his way through the bustling streets. Weaving past people in an almost fluid like manner our cloaked friend heads towards the Travelling Man, a well-known tavern in the Southern Quarter. Removing his heavy hood Bill winces at the pain in his side and makes his way to the bar and signals the proprietor of the establishment. Having a rapid discussion and exchanging a rather sizeable purse the innkeeper escorts his new guest upstairs to a rather lavish room. Taking a look around his new headquarters Bill muses on when his partner would arrive…

A few days later there is a knock on the door and a striking female human walks in demanding that Bill look up and give her the attention she requires, which he promptly does. They quickly embrace and exchange a few rushed romanticisms and then begin to discuss the reason as to why they are in this city and not catching up with their old comrades. Quickly he runs through his experience prior to arriving in this city and the information that he has attained. Breaking it down piece by piece and compartmentalizing it the two of them form a plan of attack and begin to look for specific individuals who may assist them.

As always with the city of Waterdeep, strangers are attracted to the hustle and bustle of such a large city. Bill having developed a small network of informants keeps a tab on the more interesting people in case they fit the profile that he is looking for. Over the course of a month certain individuals begin to catch his and Merlot’s attention, as they watch them throughout their initial steps in the big city. Gathering supplies and equipment that matched each of his intended allies, Bill readies himself to collect the members of his party, knowing that he will have to convince each of them to take up the task that he has for them. However he had not expected that they would all end up on prison…


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